Version Odoo 14.0 Stable now. You can upgrade with fee 275 EUR direct us Contact Email

Demo POS Retail & Restaurant on Odoo 14

Login and Password: demo/demo

Demo Here

Welcome to 1st POS Solution Odoo Framework

We have 12 years development only Odoo, 5 years for POS only 

We have Released solution of Shop & Restaurant  to 350 ~ 400 Business of Shop (Restaurant) around the World base on Odoo Framework

We keep 1st POS Solution of Odoo 5 years ago to now, have many features and functions for POS Odoo, and big Love Odoo and POS Business Retail & Restaurant

We always keeping top 1 POS Solution of Odoo (POS Retail Module still 1st app of Point Of sale 4 years ago to now)

Just Seconds get Demo


Full features for Retail Business

POS SHOP & Restaurant

Included POS Retail

Support Kitchen/bar Screen

MRP automatic reduce on hand Stock

Hardware POS

Full solutions for Hardware POS (IOT, POSBOX, Cash Drawer ...)

POS/IOT Boxes from v17.10 to 20.02

SaaS Builder

We can support build SaaS server like this Page

 Bugs and Issues fixing one day

Bugs and issues fasting fixing, never delay to another day (without end of week)

Welcome Comments Improve App

We welcome any comments, discuss make app greater than

Big Data

We can handle products and customers backend up to 3 millions row each table

High Performance

System can handle 300 ~ 400 orders peer second

Sync Between Sessions

Allow sync between POS Session, made Orders the same between POS Session

Full Reports

We support 7 reports (Z-Report, Sale Summary report...)

Management Invoices, Orders...

Management Orders, Invoices Direct POS Screen

Loyalty, Credit, Voucher ...

Support loyalty, credit, voucher ....

+ 200 features ...

Please go to our Youtube Chanel for get all features we Have

Our Apps Public on Store Odoo

Our Apps


Price Plans

1. Basic (Buy App on Odoo Store)


/ 2 months ONLY
  • 2 Months ONLY Support with features and functions
  • Bugs and Issues free forever report to us
  • One time payment
  • Unlimited POS Users
  • License apply one Database Production
  • Follow 100% Refund Term and Policy Odoo Store
  • Only Email Support

2. Professional (Partnership)


/ 1 year
  • 1 Year Support features and functions
  • Upgrade module free (without migrate Database)
  • Support first time with
  • Access to our Github Private and get all Modules We public on Odoo Store
  • Sync  Between POS Session Restaurant with Local Network
  • Unlimited POS Users
  • License apply one Database Production
  • Resale module to another client charge $300/license
  • Skype, Email, Whatapp Support Direct

3. Expert (Partnership)


/ 1 year
  • Included all Professional Plan (2)
  • Support Project on
  • Unlimited POS Users
  • Unlimited Databases Production & Staging & Dev
  • Only one time payment in 1 year, no charge more money
  • Allow debranding Logo, Email ..of our Apps
  • Allow Resale any our module to your clients
  • Included +20 hours custom free
  • Sync  Between POS Session Restaurant with Local Network
  • Free guide setup POS/IOT Boxes for any odoo version
  • Guide Restaurant Kitchen Screen without POS/IOT BOX
  • High performance guide for 400~500 orders / 1 second to backend the same times
  • Sync between Session with Local Network (Offline Mode)
  • Unlimited License